Why Search Engine Optimization?

In years past, the secret to achieving search engine success was as simple as creating and publishing a website. Fast forward to the present. The Internet has become accessible to the masses and businesses, large and small, have thrown their hats into the ring. Now, websites must be carefully crafted to ensure that they rank well in the search engines, which are responsible for driving the vast majority of site traffic to any web property.

Ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) delivers one of the highest ROI’s of any available marketing effort. A proactive SEO strategy, guided by a trustworthy search engine optimization agency like PPI, makes sure you continue to receive quality search traffic on a long-term basis and lose as little as possible to the competition. With the ever-evolving search algorithms, proven tactics and adaptability are needed to secure maximum search visibility.

Our Complete Approach

PPI is a proven strategic partner with comprehensive capabilities, experience, and know-how—everything you'll need to claim dominant search engine rankings.

Our SEO company knows where SEO has been and anticipates where it's going so we can keep our clients ahead of the curve. From mining for targeted search terms to optimizing your expanded web presence, PPI leverages your websites/microsites, social media, blogs, articles, and press releases to help your site achieve prominent placement in the search engine rankings. The bottom line? We make it easier for the right people to find you on the web and take action using our proven white hat tactics.

Our SEO Services

  • Competitive Analysis

    To outsmart the competition. We study the main competitors you identify and the competition you’re up against in the search engines. Analyzing their SEO metrics, we gain insight into how to best formulate our SEO strategy and benchmark performance.

  • Site Design Scorecard

    To improve search engine-friendliness of your site. We evaluate a laundry list of variables that affect your website’s accessibility to the search engines. We outline areas for improvement, make client-specific recommendations, and work with you to make on-site SEO adjustments.

  • Education on SEO Best Practices

    The list of what search engines deem “black hat” in the SEO world grows longer every day. We work with our clients to make sure that these frowned-upon SEO tactics don’t affect your organic rankings. Additionally, we keep our search engine optimization agency clients informed about significant changes within the search marketing environment and offer advice on how to remain compliant with currently accepted SEO best practices.

  • Search Term Research

    To identify optimal targeted search terms by page. Using sophisticated tools that measure search traffic, information from the client, and insight from our investigative work, we determine the top search terms to use to drive qualified traffic to your site.

  • Optimized Text & Meta Tags

    To integrate targeted search terms into selected web pages. We spell out for you every single change you should make to maximize rankings. SEO is a complicated process, but we carry the burden and make it as easy on you as possible.

  • Link Building

    To communicate the value of your website to search engines and users. Our search engine optimization agency has developed tailored link building strategies that employ a number of tactics including optimized press releases, social media link-building, local search marketing, directory submissions, etc. There are an infinite number of backlinks available for any website, depending on its focal industry, products and services, and we concentrate on obtaining links from the most reputable, high quality sources possible.

  • Social Media Optimization

    To help leverage these tools in the search engines. We’ve been on top of social media from the start and provide the up-to-date social media guidance you need to use social clout to drive SEO results.

  • Search Engine Reputation Management

    To help protect your online brand reputation. Not happy with what’s ranking for your top terms? Our online reputation management services help push it out of the top results or, in some cases, eliminate unwanted ranking material altogether.

  • Phone Call Tracking

    To account for call traffic resulting from online marketing efforts. 65% of marketers say phone calls are their most valued lead source, but only 5% of advertisers use any type of call analytics. We offer phone call tracking to document your phone leads and more accurately measure ROI.

  • Web Analytics

    To communicate the impact of our work. Our web analytics services include the delivery of clear, concise monthly reports, which communicate information about the origins and actions of your organic site traffic.

  • SEO Audits

    To let you know where to focus your SEO strategy to maximize the potential of strong organic rankings. Our thorough website review and analysis assesses 40+ search engine factors to determine areas of strength and areas of opportunity to ensure that search engines can properly index your site. Learn more about our SEO audit process/SEO consulting services.

  • Local Search Marketing

    To boost prospects in your own backyard. No matter how global you may think your business is, you have a local address. Prospects in your own backyard are searching for what you offer. So make it easier for them to find you! Prominent Placement's local SEO services include submission of your business to Google Places and to 100+ other local directories, as well as monthly updates to keep your published information current.