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Move Over Google - There's a New Evil Kid In Town

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Google's "Don't Be Evil" motto has been quite a punchline for years, as Google continues to find new and creative ways to separate advertisers from their money. It appears that Facebook has taken a page from Google's playbook:

  • Create Unique, Quality Relevant Content (the best search engine / the best social media site)
  • Get People Totally Hooked (70%+ market share / 850 million users worldwide)
  • Get Brands Totally Hooked on Free Exposure (SEO / Facebook's brand pages)
  • Severely Limit Free Exposure (more paid ads, Google Places & other content in the search engine results that push down regular organic listings / "Edgerank" & the new Timeline for Pages)
  • Force Companies to Pay for Exposure (PPC ads for both Google & Facebook)
First, Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm started limiting how many of a company's fans to see its posts in their newsfeeds. Now, with the rollout of Timeline for Pages, businesses can't have fans land immediately on their branded content, game, poll or whatever. Fans will instead have to click on a tab to bypass the new timeline home page. For more on this, read this post by "Friend of PPI" Nan Dawkins: Facebook's New Brand Pages: Combined With Edgerank, a Final Solution That Forces "Pay to Play". Well played, Facebook. Well played.

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