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Digital Future Report: Stats of Interest to Marketers

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For the 10th year in a row, my alma mater has conducted a study called "Surveying the Digital Future."  This project, from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, is the longest continuing study of its kind and the first to develop a longitudinal survey of the views and behaviors of Internet users and non-users. What's relevant to marketers?

  • 82% of Americans use the Internet.
  • Internet users browse the web (79%), use online banking (47%), get product information (46%), visit social networking sites (46%), play games (39%), download or watch videos (39%), download or listen to music (38%), listen to online radio (22%) and pay bills (22%).
  • 44% of folks visit social networking or video sharing sites at least once a day or more, up from 36% last year.
  • People spend more time each week going online for non-sports news than any other type of media, online or offline.
  • The number of text messages sent by cell phone users has increased more than 300% in only four years, and has now reached an average of 48 per day - up from 38 per day last year.  Texting is even more prevalent among those under 18, who now average 104 messages a day (up from 81 in the previous study).
  • 68% of adult Internet users buy online, an all-time high for this study. Even larger percentages continue to use the web as a reference service before purchasing locally.
This Digital Future Report has nearly 200 pages of data and is available for purchase.  More info.

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