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Could Twitter Really Be The "Google Killer"?

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For many years, people have been discussing and debating what might become the "Google killer."  Many have tried to create a better search engine (including the most recent entry into the game, Wolfram Alpha -- more about it), with no one coming close to succeeding yet. But I just read a fascinating article by David Wallace proposing that Twitter may just be able to pull it off.  Here are selected excerpts: "Twitter Search currently searches the text of Twitter posts. Using the service may help users discover conversations taking place around any particular topic such as a breaking news story, reviews of a business or product and the like. Twitter wants to enhance this by crawling the links included in tweets and indexing the content of those pages. This will make Twitter Search a much more complete index of what's happening in real time on the Web. At the same time, it will make them a more formidable competitor to Google Search with regards to people looking for very timely content. Along with indexing content, Twitter Search is also going to get a "reputation" ranking system. In other words, Twitter will take into account the reputation of the person who wrote each tweet and rank the search results in part based on that. While they have yet to sort out exactly how this ranking algorithm will work, I think we can safely assume that it may be based on things like how many followers the Twitter user has, how many updates they have, how often they have been "retweeted" and possibly how often they tweet about any particular subject." This is an exciting development that I'll definitely be keeping an eye on.  Click to read the complete article.

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